Bad Meatloaf!

We at the Wicked Stupid Beef Council, as a public service, have produced the following list of ways to tell if your meatloaf has gone bad:

  1. It starts smoking.
  2. It gets a tattoo in addition to its brand mark.
  3. It makes terroristic threats against the mashed potatoes.
  4. If asked what it is rebelling against, it takes out its cigarette and says, “Whaddya got?”
  5. It has achieved consciousness to the extent that it is able to respond to questions to begin with.
  6. It gets up and does the Ed Lover Dance on your plate. Actually, in that case it hasn’t gone bad, it’s just gotten cheesy. Keep the Velveeta away from it.

Yes, today’s post is yet another example of The Things I Think Of While Running.

I went longer than I originally thought I would today, 5.1 miles in 50:26. I’m making baby steps toward getting back into something vaguely resembling in shape. At least I didn’t gain any weight back in the last month and a half.


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4 Responses to “Bad Meatloaf!”

  1. cigarette » Bad Meatloaf! Says:

    […] came across this post – Bad Meatloaf! – and thought it was worth sharing. I hope you find it interesting too and take the time to read […]

  2. producer council Says:

    […] as a public service, have produced the following list of ways to tell if your meatloaf has gone bad. Producer Advisory Council – Defenders of WildlifeIn 2004 we created the Livestock producer […]

    • Seunghee Says:

      Liz / Made this for my 2 1/2 year old and he actually ate it I ended up hlanivg the recipe, using dark turkey meat and topping it with black forest bacon. I did use one of those meatloaf pans that drain the fat away so I cooked it for 1 hour at 350 and it came out perfect. So excited to have another food to add to our dinners. Thank you!

    • Says:

      I really wish there were more articles like this on the web.

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