A Milestone of Sorts

One of the things I like about having a blog on WordPress is that it has a thingy (yes, I am incredibly technically inclined and always know exactly what I’m talking about) called Akismet that filters out spam comments on your posts.

Even though I’ve only been doing this since the end of July, a couple of days ago I hit the 1,000 spam comment caught milestone. The current number is 1,134.

The subjects of the overwhelming majority of spam comments include headings such as, “order viagra,” “cialis online,” “viagra sale,” “cheap viagra,” “buy viagra,” “order viagra online,” “buy cialis online,” “order cialis,” and the stray, “ebaywatchings.” Are you seeing a pattern here, too?

I usually don’t find Jeff Foxworthy all that insightful or funny, but he did have one bit many years ago about absurd warning labels in which he made the point that such warnings wouldn’t exist unless some idiot actually tried to do to the incredibly stupid activities listed on the product warnings in the first place. I suspect the same general principle is at work for whomever sets up all the spambots to place these bogus comments on blogs all over the web.

Somewhere, every now and then, there is one doofus out there who takes a look at a blog comment called “buy cheap cialis online” and thinks, “Hey, that sounds like a great deal on something I could use! I’d better check it out.” He then clicks on the link, goes to some page full of typos and badly constructed English, and gladly feeds it his credit card number. I’d love to meet that intrepid but dim soul who makes spamming a profitable business venture someday. If you’re that person, there’s a bridge in New York I’d like to sell you. Just ask me how; I’ll even throw in some cheap viagra for you!


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