More Local Bush S-CHIP Speech Fun

I’m always one to flog a dead horse, so here are a few more links related to the fallout of George W. Bush’s “screw the children” veto speech here the other day. This is probably the biggest national story related to right-wing stupidity we’ve had ooze out of here since that time the Penryn Fire Police boycotted a Y.M.C.A. fundraiser, claiming the organization taught witchcraft because it allowed kids to read Harry Potter books. Yes, “Y.M.C.A.” stands for “Young Men’s Christian Association.” Yes, some important people around here really are that simultaneously obtuse, fearful and insane. It’s an amazing combination to witness in action.

There’s a fun quiz on The Huffington Post about the speech’s content, in which you get to fill in the blanks to complete the bizarre statements that escaped Bush’s mouth. Here’s another blog post from the Lancaster newspapers’ Smart Remarks about L.A. Times coverage of the story, and the difference between what passes for sharp questioning of Bush here and there.

And then, there’s Jon Stewart’s brilliant reaction to the whole thing on The Daily Show the other night, “No health care for poor kids. You know, I thought something like that was only done by cartoon villains. You’re slowly going from being Nixon to Mr. Burns.”


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