Somebody Call Steve-O!

While changing a diaper today, I had a completely revolting idea along the lines of a stunt you’d see in one of the Jackass movies — Dirty Diaper Baseball. It goes something like this:

Take a soiled disposable diaper of the kind with tabs that can be reclosed, preferably one soiled copiously by both sides of the baby. Roll it up and pull the tabs over the open sides so that nothing can leak out, thereby completely sealing it into a shape sort of resembling a ball. Then, play baseball with it. At some point, the impact from a bat is bound to break the seal on the tabs and send its contents flinging everywhere.

Having never been a connoisseur of the Jackass television series, I have no idea whether Johnny Knoxville and company already did something like that, but it surely seems like the sort of thing that at least one of them should have thought of by now.


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