Back In Black

Yes, I’m back. It’s amazing how quickly time flits away when you’re taking care of a new infant. Yesterday, the clock appeared to jump from noon to 8:00 p.m. in about ten minutes.

In addition to being a birthday age milestone for me that shall not be named, yesterday was also trash day in my neighborhood. Living in a house with five cats and a newborn, it now seems that 85% of the weight of our garbage consists of excrement in various guises.

There is an old curse that goes, “May you live in interesting times.” The last week and a half has certainly been interesting for us. After the three-day childbirth ordeal that turned into a c-section starting last Monday, we remained in the hospital all the way until Sunday to allow adequate post-operation recovery, giving us nearly a week-long stay. Incidentally, childbirth has to be the most absolutely bat-shit crazy thing I’ve ever seen anyone do. I’ll just leave it at that and spare the gory details.

Since arriving home Sunday afternoon, my wife has been under strict orders to not go up and down stairs more than once per day for one week and not to drive for two weeks. The baby sleeps at night in our room upstairs. Once we get up for the day and head downstairs, we’re pretty much stuck there until nighttime, when we retreat upstairs again.

So far, the baby has been good. He’s been having some digestive issues which seem like they may be caused by lactose intolerance, so we’re working on changing that situation and seeing if that fixes things. Other than that, he only fusses when he’s hungry or when he has stomach cramps, and he normally only wakes up once per night. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that this kind of behavior continues.


3 Responses to “Back In Black”

  1. Amy Says:

    Congrats! Time doesn’t slow down ever – at least that I have experienced – after you had kids. I blinked twice and my “baby” girl started preschool today. Like a long run, it feels like a life time while you are in the moment of (pick a baby moment), but it is just moments. Take care – get some sleep and snuggle that baby like they will be grown up tomorrow.

  2. Rubene Says:

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  3. here Says:

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