Product Concepts Best Left Undeveloped

In our grocery store, there is a generic variety of Crispix called “Crispy Hexagons.” Unfortunately, seeing this got me thinking, specifically thinking of an idea for a new variety of cereal called “Crispy Hexagrams.” You could make commercials saying something like, “Hey, kids! How cool would it be if you could throw the I Ching every time you pour a bowl of cereal? Now you can with Crispy Hexagrams!” It would be so completely wrong on so many levels — 64 of them, to be exact. More varieties of cereal could follow, such as “Crowley Crunch” or “Blueberry Blavatsky.”

Again I’m left wondering if my sense of humor isn’t entirely too obscure.


One Response to “Product Concepts Best Left Undeveloped”

  1. divadea Says:

    No, it’s just obscure enough. I’m laughing quite a lot at “Crowley Crunch.” And I’m enjoying reading your other entries and wallowing happily in all the correct punctuation. Oh, I love that.
    ap (friend of friend of your wife)

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