A pig just soared past my window, and I’ve launched a lucrative business venture selling snow shovels to the damned. I actually managed to run this morning, for the first time in ten days. It wasn’t bad, either. In all, it was a 10K at an average pace per mile of 9:31. It probably helped that it was only 57 degrees when I ran at 7:00 in the morning, and that I was on that back-and-forth three-quarters of a mile stretch of street without any hills. Best of all, there was no coughing involved.

When I headed out the door, the trash hadn’t been picked up yet. It appeared that something tore a gash out of one of our trash bags overnight and scattered food wrappers on the sidewalk. I’ll have to remember to put the bags in a can next time, rather than just having them sitting curbside. I also ran into two possible culprits. One (not very likely), was a stray cat that let me pet it and rubbed up on my leg when I stopped to get a closer look about three blocks away from our house. The other (more likely) was a small dog that must have gotten loose and was romping about our neighborhood this morning.

Over the last several months, I must say that I’ve acquired a certain level of dislike for that special breed of dog owners who let their pets run amok…


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