Baby Eisenstein

Last night, we continued to assemble things for the baby’s room. Actually, my wife did the assembling while I provided moral support, since I’m basically incapable of putting anything together in any manner vaguely resembling competent.

One of the things that got put together was, for lack of a better term, a “bouncy seat.” If you’ve ever seen that Sex and the City episode with the baby that wouldn’t stop crying until it was put in a seemingly magical vibrating chair thingy, you know what I mean.

There were a few things we didn’t get around to assembling last night, including a Baby Einstein activity gym. Seeing it sitting in the corner, the thought briefly passed through my mind that it would be incredibly funny if there were, instead of Baby Einstein products, a series of “Baby Eisenstein” products. You could have a bouncy seat made to look like a stroller rolling down stairs, or a series of videos to teach infants all about montage.

Sometimes I wonder if my sense of humor is entirely too obscure…


3 Responses to “Baby Eisenstein”

  1. David Says:

    • Satoru Says:

      我 get 到你問乜 日本的 Bikini 在款式和量裁方面 的確有很多是特別好 當女孩子( 或成熟女人 )穿上很 的確可加強身體線條 以我個人觀點 我認為 Bikini 的顏色很重要 我看見很多在港發售的不知是 made in china 還是什麼的 bnikii 顏色很肉酸 一是淨色 例如 死人藍 姣婆粉紅 低 B 碎花花 橫間直間 其實很老土 不好看 而 bnikii 很多人忽略的 是那條 褲仔 在港發售的常見像阿姑底褲 剪裁又不好 但可能香港人不太敢買較為大膽的款式 因為剪裁好的款式 又其實真的較為 Sexy 視覺上較為 養眼 我不太清楚日本版的 bnikii 在港何處有售 但我認為 在選購時 可選較佳剪裁的 我想補充一點 男人認為一個女人 Sexy 和 一班姊妹朋友 家姐細妹 女同事 中餅女性友人有埋仔女果隻 其對於 Sexy Beauty 的標準 是大不同的 說到底 bnikii 又好 平時衣著也好 都是女人增如自身吸引力的重要原素 當然是吸引男人 ( 女同性戀者則作別論 )

  2. krangsquared Says:

    Just thought I’d google “Baby Eisenstein” and see if anyone out there had already come up with the phrase! It’s sad but true – I am an unoriginal replicator of existent memes floating in the ether. (Though my baby was born in early 2007, so I might have been thinking the same thoughts at the time.)

    Give me the Baby Eisenstein products anyday! I like you idea of teaching infants about montage.

    I found the Baby Einstein “learning” videos a complete travesty. It fits in with the whole Cliff Notes approach to education. And those cartoons – oh yeah, my baby will be a genius because your cartoon mentioned the name “Stravinsky”, and he made the Firebird Suite. Bah.. He’d end up like me, very good at Trivial Pursuit. 🙂

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