Down to the Wire

We finally received the last bit of furniture for the baby’s room, a tall and narrow dresser and a short and long changing table/dresser, last night. The kid’s due date, incidentally, is August 25. Yes, that is only a gap of ten days, and yes, we do like to live dangerously, thank you very much.

As if on cue, a couple of hours after getting the furniture into the room, my wife began having weird, new pains that may or may not be full-bore contractions. For about two hours, they were somewhat regular, about 12-18 minutes apart, but then they got much, much further apart. This initial burst of pain caused us to tear through putting away all the clothing, blankets, sheets and supplies we had laying about the room, finishing up by around 12:30 a.m., which as luck would have it was about the same time that the “contractions'” regularity halted.

So we are both back at work today, waiting to see what, if anything, happens next. One thing is sure: we are getting down to the wire. Never having kids before, we don’t really know what we’ll be getting ourselves into here until we’ve experienced it, which is pretty nerve-wracking.


One Response to “Down to the Wire”

  1. Amy Says:

    How exciting! Don’t worry about the furniture or pretty stuff – just make sure you have a leather, reclining, rocking, swiveling recliner ; a good remote; a big bladder; and a comfy shoulder. That’s all babies (and dads) really need. Take care of you and your wife!

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