Weekend Wrapup

Thanks to being sick for a good chunk of last week, I only managed 21.6 miles run for the week at an average pace of 9:40 per mile. Last night, still recovering, I ran nine miles at an average pace of 9:32. Yes, Dr. Stupid and I are tight homies, and I always follow his sage wisdom.

I’ve also added a new element of boredom to my runs; as our baby is due in less than two weeks, I’m now making a point to run back and forth on a street near my house that’s exactly three quarters of a mile long with a cell phone on me at all times. I’m forgoing my usual four-to-eight mile long loops out in the sticks for now, as it probably would not be a good thing if my wife went into labor while I was six miles or so from home and had no way of getting back other than on foot. The back-and-forth street route is probably making my times a little faster, as it’s much flatter than anything I would normally run, with just a very slight descent going out and a tiny incline coming back.


One Response to “Weekend Wrapup”

  1. tomrunnerslounge Says:

    A very wise and noble thing to do–sticking close to home. With two weeks plus any additional time before the blessed event, you could run a rut into your course. I admire your discipline…

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