Sans Run Report, Here’s a Dream Report

I was feeling well enough this morning to head back to work but, alas, was coughing a bit too much to make a run worthy of consideration. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to start easing back into it.

So, in the absence of anything to write about this morning that I actually did, here’s what I dreamed I did before waking up: I was in the basement of an old, but stately, brownstone apartment building somewhere in New York City. The basement was stacked full of boxes of various kinds of candy bars; I remember Milky Ways figured very prominently into the mix and held a position of extreme importance. Those were going to be sent off to some wealthy benefactor of the theatre that was also in the building. I was rehearsing my part in the play to be staged there, which basically consisted of doing a dead-on Larry Fine impression while stumbling about in the basement looking a specific type of candy bar while messing up the entire stash of Milky Ways. Just before I woke up, I realized I was going to have to head upstairs to the makeup and costume shop because, unlike anyone else involved in the production, I had noticed that my non-balding head full of straight brown hair did not resemble that of Larry from the Three Stooges one bit.

As I turned to go “upstairs,” I woke up. Don’t ask me what any of that means, because I have no idea, either. I have never played a Three Stooges-based part in my life. The closest I ever came was my elementary school’s sixth grade play based on The Andy Griffith Show, in which I played a knockoff of Don Knotts’ character. Come to think of it, I wound up playing quite an array of nervous and twitchy comic characters all through junior high and high school drama productions. I’m not sure what that says, either.


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