Delicious, Delicious Cough Medicine

The cold that was slowly creeping up over the last few days caught up with me this morning. I woke up with a head full of phlegm and a lovely Tom Waits-ified voice. Ergo, no run for me today, and here I sit, home from work, warmly ensconced in a sniffle-free haze induced by the last precious drops of generic Tussin CF of uncertain vintage festering in our medicine cabinet. It’s good stuff; like fine wine, it seems to only improve with age. And age it most certainly has, as the ingredient list includes pseudoephedrine, which thanks to anti-drug hysteria, you can no longer obtain in Pennsylvania without first signing away your right kidney and your pets’ souls in triplicate carbon copies. Never mind the fact that it’s the only nasal decongestant that actually seems to work, and that it was sold over the counter for decades. Now it is strictly verboten, because someone, somewhere, might just hypothetically walk into a store and clear out the entire cold remedy aisle without arousing any suspicion from the staff in order to produce a grain of crystallized meth.

So now I sit, typing under the influence of fermented dextromethorphan and the magic ingredient of old-school Sudafed while listening to solo Syd Barrett, because the music seems right on a cosmic scale in times such as these, wondering what I can do around the house that isn’t too demanding physically so that I won’t feel like a completely lazy bum. And like a bolt from above, an idea has struck: laundry. There is always more laundry to do around here, and, yes, that is what I will do. Those spaghetti sauce stains will rue the day I had a wheezy cough. Rue, I tell you!

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