The Week’s Running Summary and Cogitations

I wrapped up this week with a 13.1 mile long run this morning with an average pace of (drumroll, please) 10:46 per mile, bringing my weekly total to about 39.6 miles with an average pace per mile of 9:59. Not stellar numbers, I know, but typical for me. Friday night’s unexpectedly fast seven miler went a long way toward offsetting this morning’s somewhat slower than usual half-marathon length long run in my pace for the week.

Since last summer’s brush with tendonitis that sidelined me for three months and left me hobbling about for two months like some reject from a Moby Dick casting call, I’ve been probably a little too cautious in avoiding going too fast. My attitude now is to make sure I go at a pace that ensures I will end the run feeling like I can do it again later rather than pushing the pace and risking straining anything. On the one hand, I think it can be a good strategy if you view distance running as something you want to be able to do consistently for the rest of your life as a hobby and as way of staying in shape. On the other hand, it’s a pretty bad training strategy if you want to sign up for races and have respectable times in them.


One Response to “The Week’s Running Summary and Cogitations”

  1. Amy Says:

    I found your blog via Half Fast – great posts. Great job on your last two runs!

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