I’ve been doing laundry — specifically, blankets and crib sheets for our soon to arrive baby. I’ve been using a special kind of detergent called “Dreft.” We’ve been led to believe that if we don’t use this stuff, the sky will fall, angry storks will peck out our eyes and our kid will break out in hives and be condemned to a life of eczema. I can’t help but wonder if it’s just a big marketing scam. As far as I can tell, it’s fundamentally no different than the dye and scent free version of any other brand of laundry detergent, except that it comes in some cutesy-wootsy pink-labeled bottle, smells vaguely babyish, and is sold with the severe markup that comes with just about any baby-rebranded ordinary product found at Babies ‘R’ Us.

We also have an OB-GYN appointment today. One of the doctors there has a last name of — I kid you not — Kegel. I don’t know about you, but I find the thought of a gynecologist named Dr. Kegel, for lack of a better word, hysterical.


One Response to “Dreft”

  1. Caley Says:

    I think you’re right- that it’s just a big marketing scam. I have only ever used All Free & Clear (it is hypoallergenic and free of dyes and perfumes) for my son’s washing since he was a baby, and he survived! Did you know that All makes a detergent just for babies? I’ve only ever seen it on Amazon, and I’ve never used it, but I think it might be slightly cheaper than Dreft.

    THESE are the kinds of stimulating conversations you have when you become a parent! Before you know it you’ll be devoting entire posts on your blog to poop. Congrats on the upcoming arrival, and thanks for the comment on my blog today!

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