Dream Diary/Run Report

It’s rare that I remember any of my dreams, much less two of them in one night, so I figured I’d better write them down:

The first dream took place at a Democratic Party presidential debate that utilized a new, two-part format. The first part consisted of a traditional debate, while in the second part, each candidate had to slam back seven shots of whiskey, then give a presentation and hold an open question-and-answer session with the audience. Hillary Clinton plummeted in the polls and her campaign imploded after said candidate kept referring to “my muse and inspiration, the wind beneath my wings, my personal lord and savior Dick Nixon.” The consensus winner was Joe Biden, as his performances in the first and second parts of the debate were nearly indistinguishable from one another.

The second dream consisted of a series of what appeared to be movie trailers. The final trailer is the only part I remember well, so here it is:

In an eerily lit stone room, a man sat sleeping, his head resting on a long solid wood table centered in front of a fireplace. Nuns in full habits with unblinking eyes of onyx floated upside down in front of him, drifting to and fro while muttering thinks like, “How are the assets doing?” and, “Should I bury it?” The man awoke, and at the same moment the nuns vanished. A voice-over said, “When Charles Reed bought the abandoned convent, he was not surprised to find the spirits of the previous residents remaining, doing their penance for all eternity. However, he never expected to find this.”

The scene shifted, zooming in on the fireplace behind the man. Curled up asleep on the floor of the fireplace was an enormous white rabbit. The rabbit woke up and moved to reveal a hole in the floor over which it had been sleeping. It positioned itself to the side of the hole and roared down into it with the voice of a thousand lions with microphones. This rabbit stood sentinel over the prison below that held an unspeakable terror the likes of which H.P. Lovecraft would never have dared to dream. As long as no one touched the rabbit, the world was safe. The man bent down and petted the rabbit on the head.

I woke up.

In other news, I managed to avoid the trots this morning and got in my eight mile run. I also used the new Brooks Adrenaline 7 pair of shoes I bought Saturday for the first time. I was a bit nervous about making the switch from the 6 to the 7, but they seem to be very comfortable so far.


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