The Frumpy Flavonoid

… how’s that for the name of a restaurant?

So, obviously I’m tired, by brain is fried, and I can’t seem to get back to sleep… What better time to jot down a blurb for public consumption?

And now, for the meat of the matter, the Creme de Boeuf on the Frumpy Flavonoid’s menu, if you will: words that simply aren’t used often enough.

1. CAZART! … I wonder what would happen if somebody just leapt up shouting that without warning in the middle of a crowded room. Would people be alarmed, amused, annoyed, ambivalent — who knows?

2. BOSS … In the James Brown sense of the term… i.e., “You know it’s got to be boss.”

While on the subject of James Brown, there ought to be a law stating that only The Godfather should ever be permitted to say the words, “Take it to the bridge,” in the middle of a song. If only that law could also be applied retroactively to Justin Timberlake…


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