Note: What follows is the second post from my old MySpace blog from way back in June 2006.

So, I made this Myspace thingy months ago and made my first half-assed foray into the “Blogosphere” a couple of weeks ago about, of all things, a mildly unhinged kitten. I’ve hardly ever checked the site, never looked for people I know on it or bothered with it, but yet it says my page now has nearly 100 page views and the blog entry has been looked at ten times in just the last week.

This leaves me wondering two things: who the heck are the people blowing tiny chunks of their lives in bothering to look at this, and WHY? … which has now prompted this second, even more half-assed venture into this solipsistic medium.

What is the allure of randomly bloviating to the world about whatever happens to be crossing one’s mind in any given moment, and why do we eagerly digest the digitally published brain farts of others as well? And, why on Earth am I sitting here doing the same thing? Maybe it’s kind of like diet soda — something vaguely disturbing of uncertain origin and of which one can’t help but be at least a little supicious, but yet you find yourself guzzling it down because it’s there. Just for the taste of it, however creepy that taste may be. Or, maybe people just like to see pictures of kittens.


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