Kittens are Insane

Note: This is the very first blog post of my life from my old MySpace page way back in June 2006, about the infamous kitten, which we still have, by the way, and is still completely insane…

We recently added a kitten to our already large menagerie of cats. We found her and her two brothers abandoned by their mother over three weeks ago. Until earlier this week, we were raising the three of them together because they were too young to split up until now. The two male cats have been put up for adoption through our vet’s office, but we decided to keep Molly, as we’ve been calling her. She was the runt of the litter who wasn’t nearly as active as the other two originally, and we had to feed her formula from a syringe up until a week ago.

How things have changed since then. She is now a complete nutcase, chasing after and pouncing on everyone and everything. She’s a great exemplar of how cats are basically walking balls of fuzz and malice, and yet they still manage to be cute while honing their kill instincts. Now that I think about it, I’m not sure what it says about humans that so many of us like to have them around so much.

But, take a look at that face. I’ll gladly put up with a few scratches and bite marks for that.

Here’s Molly!

Of course, this also means that I’m well on my way to reaching by lifelong goal of being that old geezer with lots of cats who’s always raving about kids needing to get off his damn lawn.


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